Tisbury Pringle-Ennis glass artist



Tisbury Pringle-Ennis- Glass Artist


    I was born in Santa Barbara, CA  in the mid 1970's. My family was passing through on their way back to the Caribbean where they owned a boat charter business.

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We lived there until the mid 1980s when we moved back to Massachusetts where my mother grew up to start a sail making business.  Attending high school near there I  met an influential art teacher who told me if I didn't go to art school I would regret it for the rest of my life.

  Needless to say I took  my art teacher’s advice attending California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, CA. the next year.

 While attending CCAC watched my friends blow glass in the hot shop.  The way the molten glass was shaped was so mesmerizing. I started taking classes and was hooked! I  studied all types of glass working there: blowing, fusing, casting as well as some metalworking and ceramics . In this period I began to figure out more about different applications and my personal style of working.

 I  moved to Seattle in 1998 to pursue my glass education by working in the field. I worked production for four years at Blowing Sands studio in Ballard, as well as taking numerous classes and working with other glass artists before opening my  own  glass studio and creating some original designs.

 Using primarily borosilicate glass( scientific glass) for my medium, I  shape each piece in the flame using a b torch using glass rods of different sizes and colors together to create different shapes and designs. I also use dichroic sheet glass and gold and silver. Each piece is melted over 2000 and  made one at a time.

    My work evokes my  life experience. I am  influenced by my  childhood living on a boat in the Caribbean, living in the Pacific Northwest and the way glass and light are symbiotic with each other.

I  have my own retail business at Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle where I sell every week alongside other local artists. You can also find my work in some local galleries and stores. Thanks for your support!