Tisbury Pringle-Ennis glass artist

     Thank you for visiting my web page! I have been working with glass since 1995 where I found my passion at CCAC in Oakland ,CA. A small art school with a glass art program that would set me on a path to where I am today.

   I studied all forms of glass making at CCAC and decided to get my hands dirty in the industry and move to Seattle, WA in 1998 to pursue my career in glass. I worked for a few glass blowers before opening my own flame-working studio in 2002.  Using borosilicate glass or (Pyrex) glass rods I melt them with a torch and shape the pieces while they are molten hot. Each piece is done one at a timeand reflects my childhood experiences of living on a boat in the Caribbean for many years and living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

 Thank you for your support!


tiz working #1.jpg